01 March 2016

A Cranborne Stone Portico is a great addition to a building and a beautiful enhancement to any front entrance. Whether you have a new build project or an on- going restoration, you will find our crafted range of porticos, versatile and easy to install.


Our high quality handmade porticos come in a range of sizes and styles, the most popular of which are detailed below. If you have a design in mind that is not featured below please contact our friendly team with your requirements. To view our technical drawings of our Portico options please see the products pages at www.cranbornestone.co.uk or our catalogue on the useful resources page at www.cranbornestone.co.uk


Example A
 This example of a Cranborne
Stone Portico utilises traditional
Tuscan Style Columns (CM20),
 Plain Architrave (A010-300)
  and Decorative Cornice (R010).
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Example B

 This example of a Cranborne Stone Portico includes double columns to create an impressive look and utilises traditional style Tuscan Columns (CM30), Decorative Architrave (A030), Decorative Cornice (R010) and Weathered Cornice (R015). More Information & Price

387-Portico_Style_C.jpg      Example C
 This is the largest example of a Cranborne Stone Portico and can create a grand entrance. It utilises traditional style Tuscan Columns (CM50), Decorative Architrave (A060) and Decorative Cornice (R060). More Information & Price.