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Twice Weathered Coping Stone - Decorated

  • Dimensions


    When selecting your coping please allow 25-35mm overhang on each side for the drip channels.

    Copings are supplied throated.

    Please see the PDF for further information and sizes.

    Twice Weathered Decorated Coping pdf

    Code     WD8      WD10       WD12      WD14      WD16   
    Height (Max)    64mm      76mm       76mm      73mm      76mm
    Height (Min)    38mm      38mm       51mm      51mm      51mm
    Width (Max)   203mm    254mm        305mm     359mm     406mm
    Width-Bottom     177mm        228mm     251mm     305mm     356mm
    *Wall Width   127mm    178mm     201mm     255mm     306mm
    Weight (S/E)      19Kg       30Kg        40Kg        43Kg        52Kg
    Weight (R)        4Kg         8Kg        13Kg        15Kg        21Kg
    Length 1000mm    1000mm     1000mm     1000mm     1000mm
    Code       WD18       WD20       WD22       WD24  
    Height (Max)          76mm       76mm       89mm      102mm
    Height (Min)       51mm       51mm       64mm        64mm
    Width (Max)     457mm     508mm     559mm      610mm
    Width-Bottom     397mm     448mm     499mm      550mm
    *Wall Width     347mm     398mm     449mm      500mm
    Weight (S/E)        58Kg        65Kg        87Kg       104Kg
    Weight (R)        26Kg        33Kg        48Kg         64Kg
    Length   1000mm     1000mm     1000mm      1000mm


    S = Straight, E = End, R = Return.

    Return lengths are the same as the corresponding width (max).



    BS EN 12390 - Compressive Strength

    BS1217 CAT - Capillary Absorption

  • Details

    Cranborne Stone Twice Weathered Decorated Coping offers design, functionality and the highest level of classical detail.

    Corner, curved and sloping sections are available - please ask for details.

  • Delivery

    The prices shown exclude delivery.


    The charge for delivery is dependent upon the location and the number of pallets required, we will advise the delivery charge as part of our quotation. To find out more please ask.


    Cranborne Stone cast stone features are made to order and require time to ‘cure’ once made.

    We will advise you of an approximate delivery date with your quotation or upon receipt of your order and agree the actual date prior to delivery.

    If delivery timing is critical to your project we will work with you to understand the deadline requirements and seek to achieve the delivery timescales that you need. Please feel free to call an speak to one of our team.

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