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Pier Cap Combinations for 552mm Piers

  • Dimensions


    Illustrations and sizes can be found in the PDF below

    pier_cap_combinations_552mm_pier [1].pdf


    BS EN 12390 - Compressive Strength

    BS1217:CAT - Capillary Absorption


      Combination D
    Overall Width 762mm
    Overall Height * 303mm
    Total Weight 220Kg
    * includes 2 x 6mm joints
    Consists of
    Ball n/a
    Base n/a
    Pier Cap Plain PCB18
    Pier Cap Half Weathered PCH30
    Pier Cap Flat Decorated PCD27
    String Course


      Combination E
    Overall Width 686mm
    Overall Height * 821mm
    Total Weight 226Kg
    * includes 4 x 6mm joints
    Consists of
    Ball 12'' F120
    Base Square Base F121
    Pier Cap Plain PCB16
    Pier Cap Plain PCB18
    Pier Cap Flat Decorated PCD27
    String Course String Course SC10/552


    Combination F
    Overall Width 686mm
    Overall Height * 958mm
    Total Weight 248Kg
    * includes 3 x 6mm joints
    Consists of
    Ball 17'' F170
    Base Square Base F171
    Pier Cap Plain PCB18
    Pier Cap Flat Decorated PCD27


  • Details

    Cranborne Stone Pier Caps can be combined in a number of ways to create a feature that is right for your property.

    We are pleased to illustrate 3 of our favourites.

  • Delivery

    The prices shown exclude delivery.


    The charge for delivery is dependent upon the location and the number of pallets required, we will advise the delivery charge as part of our quotation. To find out more please ask.


    Cranborne Stone cast stone features are made to order and require time to ‘cure’ once made.

    We will advise you of an approximate delivery date with your quotation or upon receipt of your order and agree the actual date prior to delivery.

    If delivery timing is critical to your project we will work with you to understand the deadline requirements and seek to achieve the delivery timescales that you need. Please feel free to call an speak to one of our team.

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