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Two Storey Bay Window

A property in Fulham Place Road London required restoration and re-build of a two storey bay and gable detail.

The Challenge

Demolition of the existing bay was required due to subsidence and a replacement two storey bay with gable parapet detail constructed.

Our challenge was to recreate the existing bay as new to a tight deadline.

This would involve obtaining full details of the existing bay, creating 26 bespoke moulds of varying complexity and size and then casting 100  individual casts (6.5 Tonnes) to create: 

  • Window surrounds
  • Heads
  • String courses
  • Cornices
  • Main pediment
  • Ashlars
  • Decorative columns and capitals

Our Approach

We adopted a well organised and methodical approach to this project. 

By having good communications with the main contractors we were able to understand their needs and requirements and then plan our work (drawings, mould making, producing the completed casts and delivery) to suit the on site timelines.

  • We attended site to review the decorative detail and measurements of the original bay
  • Our talented team interpreted the detail into drawings from which our skilled craftsmen were able to create the bespoke moulds required
  • Casting of the all the features was carefully scheduled to meet deadlines
  • We completed a phased (3 stage) delivery to meet on site requirements

the Completed Project

We completed the project to the required timescale and created a new bay that looks just like the original. 

The test of not being able to tell the difference between the new bay and existing bays on properties further down the road was passed.