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All Cranborne Stone features are supplied in a 'new' condition that will age naturally.

Delaying Ageing - If you prefer your feature to retain its 'new' look a coating that delays ageing can be applied. If you would like this option please speak to one of our team for advice.

Natural Ageing - Your feature will attract native lichens and mosses so that it blends into its setting. Stone left in shady, damp places will quickly grow green lichen and even healthy mosses. When left in direct sunlight, the patina is slower to develop but will produce small bright yellow, pink and black lichens.

Encouraging Ageing - Ageing can be encouraged by smearing the feature with compost (the stain of which will soon wash away) and placing the stone near a well-established area of lichen - or even rubbing lichen spores into the surface.

Faux Aged Features - We can use a method of producing a faux antique patina - which is effective for certain designs. If you would like to consider this option please ask one of our team for details.