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Cast Stone Pier Caps

Cranborne Stone Cast Stone Pillar and Pier Caps

choice of designs and sizes

Cranborne Stone's high quality Cast Stone Pier Caps can help to create the perfect entrance.

With up to 15 sizes across our range of 5 styles, we should have the Cast Stone Pier Caps that you need to complete your pier.

In addition our Cast Stone Pier Caps and Cast Stone Finials can be combined in a number of different ways to give you even more choice.

The combination of choice, style and function help to make Cranborne Stone Cast Stone Pier Caps one of our most popular items.

If you would like guidance on the right Cast Stone Pier Caps for your project please feel free to telephone and discuss your requirements with one of our Project Managers.


What is a pier cap?

A pier cap is a protective and decorative element placed on top of a pier or column, often made of cast stone, to enhance aesthetics and provide weather resistance.

What is the purpose of the capping placed on top of a brick pier?

The purpose of the capping on top of a brick pier is to provide protection from weather elements and enhance the pier's aesthetic appeal. It acts as a protective cover, preventing water ingress and preserving the structural integrity of the pier while adding a finishing touch to the overall design.

What is the difference between capping and coping stones?

The terms are often used inter changeably and the definitions are not strict. Capping stones are used to cap walls or pillars and run flush to the wall, providing a protective layer. Coping Stones are designed to cover the top of a wall enhancing aesthetics. The coping stone overhangs the edge of the wall to incorporate a drip channel to manage water runoff.

What is the difference between a coping and a parapet cap?

A coping is a protective cap placed on top of a wall, typically to prevent water damage, while a parapet cap specifically refers to the coping on a parapet wall, which is a low protective barrier at the edge of a roof or balcony.


If you need some help choosing the right style for your project, want to find out more about the size options, timescales and delivery or get guidance on installation and place an order one of our team will be pleased to help. Call us on 01258 472685 or complete our simple enquiry form attaching drawings (if appropriate).




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