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Bay Window

A house in a designated conservation area was undergoing a high specification refurbishment including replacement of a damaged bay window as a key element of the enhancement of the facade.

The Challenge

This 1920’s house, situated in a conservation area, was undergoing a major refurbishment.

The existing bay window was cracked and eroded and as part of the developer's desire to enhance the overall facade of the property it was to be replaced.

Being in a conservation area it was necessary for the replacement bay to retain the essential elements of the original look and style.

Our Approach

As no architects drawings existed for the curved bay area, we attended site to obtain full details and dimensions from which we created clear and concise drawings. The accuracy of these drawings was essential as the bay was made up of a series of radii that worked precisely in relationship with each other. 

The technical drawings were used by our skilled team to craft dimensionally perfect moulds from which we cast the pieces for the replacement bay.

To ensure that the fitting of the finished bay would satisfy our exacting standards we instituted a system of measurement checks at every stage of the mould making and casting processes.  

the Completed Project

Every aspect of the project from the initial site visit and the creation of technical drawings through to the crafting of moulds, casting of the bay and delivery to site was completed on time.

The finish of our cast stone along with the accuracy of its dimensions enabled the desired quality and look to be achieved. The result was a beautiful facade and another successfully completed project for the developer.