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Stone Portico and Balustrade

Replacement Portico and Balustrade for Elegant London Property

The Challenge

The original Portico for this elegant London house had been removed by previous owners.

Our customer wished to recreate the original entrance by installing a replacement Portico and Balustrade that matched with others in the local area. They were unsure how to approach this aspect of their project and asked us to help.

Our challenge was to:

  • Assist with the success of the project by using our expertise to provide support from initial guidance through to final installation
  • Advise on the most economic way of achieving the desired result
  • To supply finished features that were in keeping with the local area and matched others at neighbouring properties
  • Facilitate installation of the Portico and Balustrade

Our Approach

From the initial off-site guidance through to the final on-site service our team were approachable and available, providing helpful advice and support to the private customer.

We used our extensive knowledge of Porticos and Balustrades to identify and then recreate the right design to match the location. This included a survey of neighbouring Porticos and Balustrades, the creation of workshop drawings and the production of models, moulds and casts.

Our team highlighted the cost benefit of utilising a design from our existing range that closely matched other Balustrades in the area.

We arranged for installation by an independent stone installer. 

the Completed Project

We created a beautiful Portico complimented with Balustrade that seamlessly fits within the elegant London street…you wouldn’t know that it had been replaced, which was exactly what the customer wanted.

By adopting a methodical and friendly approach we helped the customer achieve a successful outcome to their project, keeping to the agreed timescale and budget whilst also maintaining the quality levels for which we are known.