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The Purpose of a Cast Stone Portico?

02 December 2023

What is a Portico?

A portico is an architectural entrance feature that is typically made from stone or more economic and practical cast stone (see our article on the benefits of cast stone). They are roofed structures that can include architrave and cornice decorative features. The roof is supported by either two or four columns. There are several different architectural styles of column which we have summarised below.

Originally widely used in ancient Greece, porticos have been a fundamental feature of building design for centuries. Used across a wide range of buildings from places of worship to homes, porticos were particularly popular in Georgian architecture and continue to be used right up to todays contemporary styles.

Porticos can be ornate (ancient Greece) or more minimalistic (contemporary styling). The most common way of identifying different styles of portico is by the columns that are used.

  • Tuscan – simple sophisticated charm – plain capital and smooth shaft.
  • Doric – simple/plain rounded capital with fluted column shaft (usually) and no base.
  • Ionic – scroll like pattern to the side of the capital.
  • Corinthian – ornate capital with acanthus leaves. Suitable for grand/monumental entrances.

What are Porticos used for?

A cast stone portico serves both functional and visual purposes, contributing to the overall beauty and character of a building or home by creating an appealing entrance that makes an immediate impact. We have summarised some of these benefits below.

A Cast Stone Portico adds to the architectural aesthetics of a building

  • A portico adds a sense of splendour and visual appeal to a buildings main entrance serving as a symbolic entry point.
  • The use of stone evokes a feeling of tradition and timelessness making a strong statement about the importance of the space beyond.
  • In some locations the use of a stone portico can have historical, regional or cultural significance, tying the building to a specific tradition of architectural style.
  • The use of decorative elements within the design of the portico can add detail and richness to the overall design of the building.
  • Stone porticos can be designed in a variety of styles to suit the specific preferences of the owners and needs of the building.

A Cast Stone Portico provides protection from the weather

A portico provides a transitional space at the entrance to a building in which to welcome guests whilst providing a shield from the weather elements. Using cast stone adds durability.

Will a Cast Stone Portico add to the property value?

A well-designed stone portico can enhance the appeal of a property, potentially increasing its overall value.

Do you need help from one of our experts?

Whether you are looking for a portico as part of a historic restoration project or for a new build there is a design and style that will achieve your desired look. If you would like to discuss your project with one of our experts, please call us on 01258 472685.

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